Cross-Channel Marketing

Launched as part of a cross-channel marketing campaign, this video built upon the success of direct mail pieces written by voters for voters.


"Taking Office" is a short video that gives the viewer a unique behind-the-scenes look at a state representative as he assumes his elected office.

Product Commercial

Humor is a powerful tool to stand out on the internet. This spot turned a product features and benefits clip into a funny video worth sharing.

YouTube Video

The use of a spokesperson is an effective marketing tool for companies. This video also incorporates trick videography and humor to promote the brand.

Action Sports

This video of Freerunning demonstrates the athleticism, acrobatics and aesthetics involved in this new urban sport and shows creative use of slow motion.

Facebook Content

This clip highlights a competitive advantage of an aspiring politician (that he is a good listener) and indirectly demonstrates how hard he is working to earn votes.

The Blog

7 Reasons to Use Video Content in Your Marketing

There are many reasons to add video content to your website and to use video in your social media marketing. This blog highlights the top seven reasons. 

5 Keys to a Successful Crowdfunding Video

Your video is your best tool to demonstrate your product and make your pitch to a wide audience. It will help establish your professionalism and company image and be a determining factor that motivates participation and sharing.